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Governor of Kaluga Region
Phone: +7 (4842) 56-23-57; 56-32-76
Deputy Governor of Kaluga Region
Vladimir POPOV
Phone: +7 (4842) 77-82-73
Minister of Economic Development of Kaluga Region
Dmitry Razumovsky
Phone: +7 (4842) 57-01-06
Deputy Governor - the Head of Kaluga Regional Government Office under the Government of the Russian Federation (Moscow)
Phone: +7 (499) 241-6636
Director of Kaluga Region Development Corporation
Yury Ivanov
Phone: +7 (4842) 79-04-10
Director of the Agency for Regional Development of Kaluga region
Anna Kaminskaya
Phone: +7 (910) 543-63-99
Deputy General Director for Investor Relations, GAU “ARRKO"
Anna Trofimova
Phone: +7 (910) 077-72-20
Internet Reception
Official Portal of Governmental Agencies of Kaluga Region