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Agency for Innovative Development Organizes Lean Manufacturing Training Program with Support of TRIATHLON, Leading European Consulting Agency

The training program is being implemented by the Agency for Innovative Development  - Center for Cluster Development of Kaluga Region together with the Ministry for Economic Development of Kaluga Region.  TRIATHLON, a leading European consulting agency from Sweden, also takes part in the program.  

Anders Hilmerrson and Hoka Suon, leading European business coaches having huge experience in dealing with companies acting as Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers for such companies as VOLVO, SAAB, General Motors in Europe and Mexico will be engaged in the program implementation as experts. .

The program objective is to provide to management and employees of Kaluga Region companies already engaged in or planning to be engaged in programs to improve the efficiency of production or the quality of products relevant tools based on Lean Manufacturing principles, methods, knowledge and skills  and to show them how to use them with due consideration of industries' specific features.

In the course of the training course each student shall develop and implement the plan for introduction of changes to introduce lean manufacturing and management principles in his/her company.  

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