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Anatoly Artamonov: “Diversification is a good “safety cushion” for the economy of Lyudinovo District”

Manufacturing and processing of agricultural products, food and processing industries are perspective growth points for the Regional economy.

On March, 12 the Governor of the Region was on a working-trip in Lyudinovo District, where he attended the “Agroinvest” company – the 1st resident of a Special Economic Zone.  In November the first stage of the complex with the area of 20 hectares was launched and tomatoes and cucumbers were planted. Currently more than 200 people are working in the company. It is planned to produce more than 10 thousand tons of vegetables this year.  Investments in this project will exceed 12 billion roubles. “Today we can say with confidence that the 1st greenhouse enterprise of the Special Economic Zone is created. This is going to be the largest greenhouse production not only in our country but also beyond its boundaries” – Anatoly Artamonov noted.

During the trip, the Governor also got acquainted with the work of the agricultural enterprise “Zelenye linii”. One of the activity areas of the company is the planting of fruit and berry crops seedlings and potato seeds on a virus-free stem.

Anatoly Artamonov also participated in the report of Head of the District Administration, which was devoted to the results of the social and economic development of the Municipal District in 2014 and objectives for the current year.

According to what the Head of the District, Daniil Aganichev said, the modernization of the production and the mastering of new perspective types of products continued at the leading industrial enterprises.

At the Lyudinovsky teplovozostroitelny zavod OAO (Lyudinovo diesel locomotive plant) the work on the creation of the innovative line of locomotives is being conducted. Krontif-Centre ZAO (in whose modernization about 200 million roubles are invested) is almost ready to put into operation the line on      cast-iron pipes production. There is not any alternative to these pipes in Russia yet. Agregatny Zavod OAO (Aggregate Plant) is extending the output of the import substitution technically complex products for the oil and gas and ore mining industries.

In small-scale and middle-scale businesses more than 5 thousand people are employed (this is one third from the total number of the employed in the Region’s economy). In 2014 these enterprises increased the production volume by 3,5%. The average monthly wages increased by 6,2% and made 22 thousand roubles.

The problem of reactivation of underutilized lands for agricultural purposes is being solves in the District. This facilitates the attraction of investments into agriculture.

Source Press Department of the Government of Kaluga Region

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