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Anatoly Artamonov on Results of the Visit to the Republic of Belarus

On April 7, Governor Anatoly Artamonov held a scheduled video work conference with the members of the regional government and heads of its structural units.

The main subject of the meeting was the results of the official visit of Kaluga Region’s delegation to the Republic of Belarus.

Giving an assessment to the important event, Anatoly Artamonov called the visit highly relevant, successful and useful for Kaluga Region’s residents. The region’s authorities and the government of Belarus signed an agreement on collaboration in the trade and economic, scientific and technical and cultural spheres. The parties approved a plan of measures for development of bilateral cooperation in 2014-2016. They also agreed that Minsk and Kaluga would become twin cities. An agreement to that extent is scheduled for signing in summer. The nearest plans include the implementation of several construction projects in partnership with JSC MAPID, one of the biggest Belarussian companies. These include construction of a modern Belarussian market for retail and small-bulk sales of goods manufactured by the brotherly republic, construction of a Belarussian residential quarter and a water park similar to the Aquapark health and fitness center with a water activity area and service infrastructure that is currently being built in Minsk. The parties are also investigating the possibility of importing special and farming equipment from the Amkodor holding and the Minsk Tractor Plant.

Anatoly Artamonov believes that Kaluga Region should refocus to importing of Belarussian equipment, which matches the quality of western analogues, but is much more affordable. Kaluga can also benefit from the experience of Belarussian partners in the agricultural sphere, including farming and cattle production. The governor advised the Ministry of Agriculture to establish close collaboration with the practical research center of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences for acquisition of high-yield seed varieties. The governor instructed the heads of Kaluga’s IT cluster to conduct a detailed examination of and to implement the practices developed by specialists from the High Technology Park in Minsk. “We can, we must and we will do all of these things”, summarized the governor.

Source: Press Department of the Government of Kaluga Region

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