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Anatoly Artamonov has controlled the progress of work in the course of preparations for the construction of «The Southern Detour»

On the 4th of August the temporarily in charge Governor of Kaluga Region Anatoly Artamonov conducted an offsite meeting, in the course of which the questions about the start of pre-construction activities for the construction of «The Southern Detour» – the road, turning round the regional centre on the lot «Annenky – Sekiotovo» with the third bridge over the Oka - were discussed.

The detour construction will let solve the problem of traffic backups in the regional centre, redistribute traffic flows, bypassing Kaluga to the extent of approximately 80% and provide the withdrawal from the city of more than  7,1 mln tons of goods traffic.

The road will be opened in order to bypass all the settlements.

Inspecting the progress of work, Anatoly Artamonov emphasized that the construction, which is considered to be necessary for the region, must be performed  qualitatively in order to prevent arising the questions about the reliability of a new road.

Source Press Department of the Government of Kaluga Region




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