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Anatoly Artamonov Stably Holds the Top Position in the Rating of the Most Efficient Governors of Russian Regions

The Foundation for Civil Society Development presented its 10th Rating of the Russian Governors Efficiency on October 15, 2015. Anatoly Artamonov has 98 points out of 100.  

Dmitry Kobylkin, the Governor of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, has the same number of points. The third position in the rating holds Evgeny Savchenko, Belgorod Region Governor.   

According to an explanatory note to the rating, it is based on five modules dedicated to different subjects.  The first (basic) module takes into consideration the results of opinion surveys carried out by Public Opinion Foundation and expert appraisals. The second module is based on the data provided by the Federal Statistics Service of the Russian Federation, the third and the fourth modules – on the data on social and economic standing of the regions, the fifth – on the analysis of media component related to the governors’ activities.   

Apart from that in the course of this rating issue development two additional coefficients were used. The first one is a COL factor, assessing the ability of the governor’s to ensure relevant conditions for stable functioning of various political parties and to hold competitive, open and legitimate election. The second is an affiliation factor, which allows to assess the governors’ ability to ensure transparent economic development in the respective regions based on open competition and to assess the degree of their engagement in business activities.



The Foundation for Civil Society Development was established on June 4, 2012. This is a non-for-profit organization  conducting research in the field of politics, regional development and modern media.