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AstraZeneca and Active Molecules’ Park of Kaluga Announces Beginning of Cooperation

On May 12, 2015 AstraZeneca, a biopharmaceutical company, announced the launch of the first project under Open Innovations initiative aimed at promotion of the scientific and research potential of Russia.  The project is being implemented in partnership with Active Molecules’ Park Competence Alliance, and Active Molecules’ Park R&D Center, which form the core of Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster.

Active Molecules’ Park scientists working under Open Innovations initiative will be able to take part in pre-clinical trials of a molecule developed by AstraZeneca. The new molecule has a potential to cure various types of cancer. AstraZaneca experts will also share their knowledge and expertise to ensure the most efficient development of the molecule for new applications having high potential.  

Ajai Gautam, Executive Director, Head of External Collaborations, Asia and Emerging Markets, AstraZeneca:

“Russia is one of the most promising emerging markets having strong scientific foundation. Our cooperation with  Active Molecules’ Park R&D Center is aimed at research and development of innovative medicines having good potential which may significantly improve patients’ health.  We are glad to cooperate with Active Molecules’ Park R&D Center and Medbiopharm. Our cooperation may pave the way to development of entirely new oncology drugs”. 

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