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AUTOEVOLUTION 2013: Development of the Automotive Business in New Economic Conditions

September 6 was the day of the official opening ceremony of the AutoEvolution 2013 International Forum on Development of Automotive and Auto Components Manufacturing in Russia. The focus was on new economic conditions for increasing the potential for development of the automotive business in Russia, assessment of realities by market participants and authorities, and manufacturers’ strategies.

Chen Chuquing, General Manager of Fuyao Glass Rus, greeted participants with a welcome address: “We are the second largest glass manufacturer in the world. We now have a presence in Russia. We would like to express our gratitude to regional authorities. <…> Our investments in Russia will total EUR 300 million. On the initial stage, we will produce 1 million of glass sets per year. Our plans include, firstly, localization, and creation of jobs – more than 5,000. We will also form a local team of managers and technical specialists. You are all invited to the opening ceremony of our plant tomorrow!”

Segei Tselikov, General Director of Autostat: “The Russian automotive industry has become the first in Europe based on results for August’.


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