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Import Substitution – Main Issue of Industrial Forum in Kaluga

On February, 26 the 10th Kaluga industrial forum “Regional economy’s competitiveness improvement: business cooperation” is taking place in Kaluga. The forum started working with a business breakfast with the Kaluga Region Governor, Anatoly Artamonov. Among the meeting participants there are the directors of the enterprises and financial organizations, and the representatives of the development institutions.

The forum’s objective is the formulation of a strategy and practical recommendations on the regional industry development in the modern economic conditions.

The implementation of the import substitution policy is a key task for the subjects of the Russian Federation. Kaluga Region has been working on this problem for several years. To support businesses a system of development institutions was established, infrastructure for production facilities placement was prepared and a Special Economic Zone “Lyudinovo” was created. As a result, more than 150 projects are being implemented in the Region. The traditional enterprises of the Region are getting actively involved into the production chains of “the new economy’s” enterprises.

The agricultural complex is actively developing.  The level of food supply security largely depends on the agribusiness condition. In the Region there is a programme “100 robotic milk farms”. 1 billion roubles was committed from the regional budget to implement this programme. 42 robots have already been installed.  Major projects in the sphere of fish breeding and vegetable growing are being implemented. In 2015 in the Special Economic Zone “Lyudinovo” the first vegetables harvest is going to be gathered in the largest greenhouse complex of the Central Federal District “Agro-Invest”.

Anatoly Artamonov underlined that the economic environment dictates its own rules to the industrial enterprises. “Under these conditions it is necessary to use micromanagement mechanisms to solve certain business problems in time.”- the head of the region commented. It was noted that the development of cooperation ties both within the Region and interregional ones would facilitate the formation of a steady economic model.

Within the forum the exhibition opening “Made in Kaluga” took place.

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