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Industrial park “Vorsino”: up-to-date waste water treatment facilities have been put into operation

On the 9th of September in the industrial park “Vorsino” a grand opening ceremony of biological waste water treatment facilities took place. The first Deputy Governor of Kaluga Region  Alexey Laptev, the Minister of economic development Vladimir Popov, Director General of the industrial park “Vorsino” Vladislav Samsonov and other public officials. That day the industrial park “Vorsino” reached 10 years since its opening.

In 2012 according to the creation and development strategy of the industrial parks infrastructure a decision to build up-to-date and highly-efficient biological waste water treatment facilities in the industrial park “Vorsino” was taken. Waste water treatment facilities are meant for the refining of utility and pretreated industrial sewage water from the industrial sites of the enterprises-residents of the industrial park Vorsino. The productive capacity of the facilities is 4000 cubic metres a day, the total area of the object is 17825 square metres, the volume of investments is 230 mln roubles. The refining technology provides efficient decrease in the concentration of chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and also other pollutants which are contained in waste water.

The implementation of the project on the creation of waste water treatment facilities in the industrial park “Vorsino” aims at the compliance with the requirements of the environmental legislation of the Russian Federation and at the introduction of innovative technologies to preserve environment in the territory attached to the industrial park.

Alexey Laptev noted that notwithstanding the concentration of heavy industrial objects Kaluga Region is referred to the territories with favorable environment.

“Investors are interested in the production placement at the land plot with all the necessary infrastructure, including the possibility to connect to the highly technological common sewage treatment system. The method of biological water treatment, which is applied here, is similar to natural processes. What is important is that those enterprises which place their production facilities here mustn’t do damage to the environment”, Alexey Laptev commented.

Vladimir Popov underlined that the industrial park “Vorsino” was the largest industrial site of the Region. The park has become home for more than 30 leading Russian and international companies, including Samsung, L’Oreal, Nestle, AstraZaneca Industries, NLMK etc. The area of the industrial park is 2246 ha.

It was noted that the new infrastructure object had been created with consideration for all the requirements of the enterprises in the industrial park. ”In this regard the coordination process of this project was rather long. By the current moment 15 residents of the park have been  connected to the complex, which makes less than 10%  of the availability of the treatment facilities. Thus we have more than enough reserve power for future, taking into consideration the development of the North East territory of the park and the special economic zone “Ludinivo””,  Vladislav Samsonov explained.



The waste water treatment facilities satisfy all the requirements of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage for the quality of waste water and let process and refine waste water from all the enterprises which are located in the territory of the industrial park “Vorsino”.

Biological waste water treatment facilities of the industrial park “Vorsino” include the following technological stages and systems:

- water clarification;

- waste water neutralization in the neutralizer;

- biological aerobic wastewater purification;

- secondary waste water settling in settlers;

- tertiary treatment of sewage effluents;

- effluent neutralization with the help of ultraviolet irradiation;

- mechanical dehumidification of sediment.