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Kaluga Region to Take Part in EXPO 2015 World Exhibition

Milan, Italy, is to host EXPO 2015 global universal exhibition on May 1 – October 31, 2015.  Such exhibitions are held once in five years and become a showcase for scientific achievements and discoveries of their attendees. Expo Milano 2015 gives an opportunity to look at the history of food both from the cultural perspective and from the prospective of innovative technologies.   The global exhibition not only gathers all key industry players under one roof but also offers a unique journey to the depth of human culture which helps to understand global changes people witness today. A number of discussion and workshops covering traditional and innovative food industry technologies will be held at the exhibition.

The slogan of the Russian delegation at EXPO 2015 is the following: Growing for the sake of the world. Cultivating for the sake of the future. The Russian exhibition features cultural and ethnical diversity of Russia, vastness of its resources which offer immense opportunities for production of  unique high quality safe and affordable food products. Kaluga Region exhibition will be held on June 9-19, 2015 in the Russian pavilion.  

Kaluga Region exposition concept features high potential of regional agricultural complex and food industry, the results of implementation of the government program to support agriculture development   in top priority areas for the regional agricultural complex.

Particular attention will be paid to agricultural sector achievements. For instance, the following agricultural companies will be presented: Vernyi Put mushroom growing facility (uses proprietary design equipment), Belousovo (a modern chicken meat plant), F-Trout and Kaluzhskaya Forel trout production farms (trout import substitution projects), Kaluzhsky Myod (bee breeding products), Mazurin Trade House (one of the largest freeze-drying facility in Russia), SAMSON Farm (guinea fowl farm), Fruzhe Confectionery Plant using only all-natural raw materials, Swiss Milk farm, Duminichi meat processing plant,  Zelyonye Linii – Kaluga (apple, cereal and rapeseed growing facility), Kaluga Poultry Farm (one of the largest broiler growing farms in Russia), MosMedynagroprom, Partner-M (manufacturer of texturized products of soybeans and grain),  Milk Assets farm, Feya Rozy greenhouse facility, Agrofirma Optina milk farm, Kaluzhichi agricultural environmental park, Chistye Prudy milk farm, Efes Rus brewery, Gremyachev Klyuch (crystal spring water).   .

The Russian pavilion has an area of 4,170 sq.m. It is located at the bottom of Mediterranean Hill next to pavilions of Japan, Estonia, Monaco, Slovakia and a joint pavilion of African countries.

According to EXPO 2015 organizers, 144 countries, 3 international organizations and 11 non-government organizations will take part in the exhibition. Over 20 million people are to visit EXPO 2015.   

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