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A pencil factory is the first resident on the new site of Ludinovo special economic zone


On the 27th of July the signing of an agreement between the Government of Kaluga Region and Krasin pencil factory LLC about intentions in the sphere of capital project realization in the construction of a plant, producing writing implements on the territory of Kaluga Region took place. The temporarily in charge Governor of Kaluga Region Anatoly Artamonov and the Director General of Krasin pencil factory LLC Peter Golubev put their signatures to a corresponding document.

Under terms of the agreement a provisional arrangement about the construction of a new enterprise on the territory of the Ludinovo special economic zone of industrial type was reached. The company chose a new lot of Ludinovo SEZ, situated in Borovsk district at the boundary of Moscow Region. The enterprise will place production assets on the territory of 5 hа. The expected volume of investments is 300 mln RUB. The production of the pencil factory will be sold on the whole territory of the Russian Federation as well as in the former soviet republics with the help of all distribution channels.

It was remarked that under the investment project realization they would create about 600 workplaces, among them – 300 workplaces for people with reduced capabilities. The raw materials base is native.

According to Peter Golubev, the start of production to capacity is in the planning stage by 2020. At the first stage of project implementation graphite pencil and colored pencils in woody shell will be produced. In prospect, they will start up the following lines: in the production of colouring, in the application of markings, in the production of fountain pens, erasers, highlighters and soft-tip pens.

«It’s a unique manufacturing enterprise with its own operations support facilities of full cycle beginning with obtaining raw materials up to fabrication and complement of commercial output. The availability of a powerful technological base, formed over the past 90 years of company existence, allows to produce the production, possessing unique total characteristics, properties and quality. One of the significant socioeconomic impacts is import substitution by domestic products over 50-60% Russian market», - Peter Golubev accentuated. On the industrial area of the factory innovative and high-technology equipment will be used.   

In his turn, Anatoly Artamonov gave a high appraisal of project effectiveness and guaranteed extensive support of domestic manufacture. «The strategic role in the development of regional economy is considered to be its diversification. In such a way, we support the productions of various branch orientations. In the region we create all that is necessary for life – foodstuffs, household appliances, automobiles, construction materials…Now we’ll also start producing pencils», - Anatoly Artamonov mentioned. 


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