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KASTAMONU laid the foundation stone of a woodworking plant in the Lyudinovo SEZ

On the 28th of May a foundation stone laying ceremony of the woodworking plant KASTAMONU in the Lyudinovo special economic zone (Kaluga Region) took place. The representatives of the Russian and Turkish Government, the Governor of Kaluga Region, leading experts of this branch and the representatives of large Russian and Turkish businesses took part in this ceremonious event.

The volume of investments is about USD 200 million. The plant will be situated on the territory with the area of 70 Ha. After reaching the planned capacity the enterprise will produce about 1.8 mln cubic metres of wood slab products a year (MDF, plywood, OSB, laminated flooring).  About 75% of the manufactured products is supposed to be sold in Russia, the rest 25% will be exported to the countries of Asia and Europe. The amount of jobs, which will be created, is more than 450.

The woodworking plant KASTAMONU  in the Lyudinovo SEZ is planned to be one of the largest ones in Europe.

According to the Vice-President of KASTAMONU, Onur Guven, the KASTAMONU Company has intentions to take a serious step forward and win the leading positions in the World woodworking industry. “Russia will become the only country, where KASTAMONU will possess 2 powerful production facilities beyond the boundaries of Turkey. The decision to build another woodworking production facility exactly in Kaluga Region was determined by the geographical and logistics characteristics of the Region.  Here there are favourable infrastructural and economic conditions to implement a new investment project on the wood boards production”. Onur Guven commented.

The Deputy Board Chairman of the HAYAT holding, Mehmet Avni Kigyly noted that the HAYAT holding is one of the largest Turkish companies. The company’s turnover made USD 3 billion in 2014, now 22 enterprises are in operation, its products are delivered to 100 countries of the World.

The Director of the department of the regional development of the Ministry for economic development of the Russian Federation, Ruslan Zalivatsky read out loud a welcoming word of the Deputy Minister of economic development of Russia, Alexander Tsybulsky: “The solvation of the national tasks is impossible without the creation of the mechanisms of private foreign investments attraction. Special economic Zones are one of such mechanisms. Currently more than 300 companies both Russian and foreign ones are registered in the Special economic Zones. Lyudinovo SEZ is one of the most dynamically developed industrial sites. For a comparatively short term it is planned to create here all the necessary conditions for the comfortable work of national and foreign investors. The total volume of the investments declared by the potential residents makes more than RUB 120 million along with the creation of more than 11 thousand new jobs. This is a good example of the successful  interaction of federal and regional authorities on the attraction of national and international investors and on the creation of comfortable conditions for their development. The opening of the Turkish Company KASTAMONU will become a positive signal for the other players who are about to take the decision on the creation of their production facilities in Kaluga and other Regions of the Russian Federation. It will also make a worthy contribution into the development of the market of innovative construction materials and will bring comfort into the citizens’ homes”.

In his turn, Anatoly Artamonov expressed his gratitude to the Turkish business for the credit shown when choosing Kaluga Region for the implementation of such a large-scale project.

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