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Dmitry Medvedev Supports the Idea to Include Ermolino Airport in Moscow Hub

Ermolino, a former air force base in Kaluga Region, has every chance to become the fourth airport of Moscow hub. Dmitry Medvedev, the Chairman of the Russian Government, is willing to support this proposal. He made the relevant statement in the course of his visit to NLMK-Kaluga, a new plant located in the vicinity of Ermolino.  

It was Anatoly Artamonov, Kaluga Region Governor, who informed Dmitry Medvedev on the idea to turn Ermolino into a specialized airport for low cost airlines. According to Anatoly Artamonov (quoted by Interfax News Agency), the new airport will make other Moscow hub airports less congested. Ermolino is located at a 67-km distance from Moscow Ring Road and at a  45-km distance from Vnukovo Airport. It is planned to build a railway branch to Ermolino for high-speed trains.  

Anatoly Artamonov believes that initially the passenger flow will be about 7 million people, but in the future it may grow to 40 million passengers per annum.  

Kaluga Region Governor thinks that Ermolino may also become a cargo transit airport to handle a share of cargos coming via Moscow hub.  

Vnukovo Invest (a company, which owns a 75% share in Vnukovo International Airport and a 25% share in Vnukovo Airport) is ready to invest in Ermolino project RUR 3 billion on the following terms: the company will get a 51% share in the new airport, a railway branch is built to the new airport (for Aeroexpress trains) and the runway reconstruction costs are covered by federal and regional budgets.

UTair is ready to make Ermolino one of its hubs. The airline is ready to launch a low cost project there. It has concluded an agreement with Kaluga Region under which it is ready to transfer up to 20  Airbus 321s to Ermolino.

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