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Kaluga International Airport Served over 10,000 Passengers and over 500 Flights in 2015

In 2015 года Kaluga International Airport demonstrated record-breaking growth in all areas.

In the period between its official commissioning (June 16, 2015) and December 31, 2015 the airport served over 10,000 travelers (including over 1,000 on international routes) and  over 500 flights. Almost 60 t of cargo were handled at the airport.

According to Salavat Kutushev, Kaluga International Airport Director General, “the passenger flow figures clearly demonstrate that there is significant unsatisfied demand for air transportation services both in Kaluga and adjacent regions. Thus, Kaluga airport has huge growth potential. According to our assessments, the passenger flow in 2016 is to reach 60,000-80,000 passengers.   

The first regular flight was made from Kaluga airport on June 16, 2015.  On August 18, 2015 a status of an international airport was assigned to Kaluga airport. The first international flight landed in Kaluga on September 4, 2015. It was a Dassault Falcon 7х which served Braunschweig, Germany, - Kaluga route. Members of Volkswagen Board of Directors were aboard the airplane. They came to Kaluga with an official visit dedicated to opening of Volkswagen engine plant in Kaluga. Starting from November 1, 2015 European airlines serve the routes connecting Kaluga with Germany under Volkswagen corporate  charter program. In the near future new routes connecting Kaluga with Erevan (Armenia) and Kazan will be opened.