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At the Lyudinovo diesel locomotive plant there will begin a mass production of main-line locomotives

On the 19th of August  the temporarily taking the responsibilities of the Governor of Kaluga Region, Anatoly Artamonov took part in the official event on the occasion of Lyudinovo diesel locomotive plant, AO being certified to put out new type of products.

Lyudinovo diesel locomotive plant, AO is one of the oldest industrial enterprises of the country and of Kaluga Region. Since 2007 it has been a part of the divisional holding of the Sinara Group – Sinara Transport Machines. The main customer of the products is the company Russian Railways, OAO. The Lyudinovo locomotives are also used for the goods transportation at the national enterprises of metallurgical, construction, energetical industries and of the defense-industrial sector.

According to the information given by the Director General of the Sinara-Transport Machines Company, Evgeny Gritsenko  the fact that the Conformity Certificate on the manufacturing of the locomotives TG16M has been obtained, gives an opportunity to start their mass production at the Lyudinovo plant  this year already.

Before 2018, it is planned to produce more than 30 of these machines. Besides the next year here the production of a prototype model of another long-distance diesel freight locomotive will begin. Now its diesel is undergoing tests. By its technical characteristics, it will exceed national and some foreign analogues. In 2017, the latest model must enter the operational programme of the Lyudinovo diesel locomotive plant.

Source Press Department of the Government of Kaluga Region