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National Rating Agency: Kaluga Region Has the Highest Rating

National Rating Agency has issued 2013 Russian Regions Investment Attractiveness Rating. Kaluga Region holds the top position in the rating.  

National Rating Agency has prepared a pilot Russian regions’ investment attractiveness rating based on the agency’s proprietary methodology.  The project objective is to identify the most attractive Russian regions from the investment projects’ implementation point of view.  The rating results are based on 2012 data.  

The methodology the rating is base on has been developed by National Rating Agency specialists in cooperation with influential experts from investment and scientific community. Thus, the Russian regions investment attractiveness rating takes into account the opinion of real investors, as well as experts in the field of regional economy.

National Rating Agency comment: “Kaluga Region is a generally recognized economy miracle of the recent decade. Kaluga Region Government having created favorable investment climate managed to attract major foreign investors, which, in its turn resulted in improvement of macroeconomical performance of the region. The image of a reliable and secure region helps Kaluga Region maintain stable inflow of investments, mostly to a number of processing industry clusters”.. 


National Rating Agency has been established in 2002. It is one of the leading Russian independent rating agencies.  Currently over 300 legal entities are National Rating Agency customers under contracts. Over 800 companies and banks take part in other   National Rating Agency information projects. National Rating Agency is accredited with the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.  

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