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New Logistics Educational and Training Centre Opened at the VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus Plant in Kaluga

On July 8, a new logistics educational and training center was opened at the VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus plant in Kaluga. The center’s program will provide professional development and training for the company’s employees in the sphere of logistics. From 2013, the concern invested nearly EUR 170,000 in the construction of its educational facility in Kaluga. The opening of the logistics training center was attended by Andreas Klar, Director of the VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus plant in Kaluga, and Natalia Fateyeva, Representative of the Ministry of Education of Kaluga Region.

“Creation of new training centers at the plant is an investment in the concern’s future, - said Andreas Klar. — Sharing of experience, acquisition of new knowledge and qualification enhancement allows our employees to become highly qualified professionals, true masters at their jobs, performing at the highest level, which ultimately results in the optimization of the entire work process and improvement of production efficiency”.

The program of the new logistics training center was developed in accordance with Volkswagen concern’s standards, similarly to the program of the logistics training center in Bratislava (Slovakia). The coaches of the Kaluga educational center received their training in Slovakia as well. At the first stage, the center will provide training for nearly 500 employees of the logistics department. Learning sessions will focus on three principal directions: process quality, ergonomics and labor safety. 

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