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On the Concept of the Innovative Cultural Center and the Oka Embankment in Kaluga

On February 3, Kaluga Region Governor’s Architectural Council held a meeting dedicated to architectural and planning solutions for the innovative cultural center and design and development of the Oka embankment.

The project’s primary aim is improvement of the territory, and it is essentially an architectural extension of the K. E. Tsiolkovsky Museum of Cosmonautics. The innovative cultural center will have theme areas, an amphitheater, a cinema, educational zones, cafeterias, co-working centers, photo and video studios, parking lots. Thus, its doors will be open for active and creative young people.

Embankment designs reviewed by the council had their advantages and shortfalls. However, the best architectural and technical solutions of each project can be integrated into basic technical specifications. One of the projects had a remarkable zoning concept based on ecological urbanism promoting harmony between the natural environment and urban constructions. 

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