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Lyudinovo Special Economic Zone: the new points in increasing of industrial production

On the 3d of June the First Deputy Governor of Kaluga region Alexei Laptev and the Director General of Lyudinovo industrial production special economic zone Eugene Veselkov took part in the press conference of a «business lunch» format. The subject of the meeting was the prospects for the development of Lyudinovo Special Economic Zone.

The area of Lyudinov special economic zone was expanded up to 1042 hectares. On the 16th of April, 2015 the corresponding resolution was signed by the Chair of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. The expansion of SEZ territory through including the areas of Borovsk district will allow to place high-quality manufactures in close vicinity to the source of scientific and personnel potential — science city Obninsk. The new area will become a unique proposition for investors, as it’s situated nearby the enterprises of Vorsino Industrial Park, the up-to-date multimodal logistics center «Freight Village», and the Ermolino airport.

«The expansion of SEZ territory is conditioned by the necessity of expanding the offer to potential partners. In the SEZ negotiation portfolio there’re more than 30 companies More than a half of the Lyudinovo SEZ territory is occupied by residents. In several weeks we’re going to sign a resolution with a company, relating to the construction industry», - Alexei Laptev explained.

Speaking about preferences, Eugene Veselkov marked that in SEZ there’s a special regime of entrepreneurial activity and a procedure of free customs zone. 

In his turn, the first deputy director general of Lyudinovo IP SEZ Eugene Bronnikov added that SEZ residents are provided with land, transport, estate and income tax privileges. Besides, for some types of activity the absence of regional taxes from 5 up to 10 years is also provided.

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