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Tekhnologiya OREP: Globally Recognized Aviation and Space Competences

On 10 April 2014 Tekhnologiya, a scientific and production company in Obninsk, held a press tour for the federal and regional mass media. The participants learnt a lot about the scientific activities and products of the company, including major projects on composite materials and space glass solutions.  

Tekhnologiya OREP makes part of RT – Chemical Technologies and Composite Materials Holding, one of Russia’s leading manufacturers of polymer and composite materials, which was set up by Russian Technologies State Corporation.

Tekhnologiya’s strategic priority is to conduct scientific research and implement innovative developments in order to create new materials, unique designs and technologies. The scientific research and products of the company are widely known both in Russia and abroad as the company can develop high-tech materials with a preset range of properties for new generation airspace engineering solutions. Finished products get the operational and process properties of composite materials through a selection of matrix elements and properties and their combination with the filler. That helps the company develop products with properties their buyers seek to have, for example, lightness can be combined with strength (which is often several times higher than the strength of steel).

The company’s stable-size heat shielding, radio telescope parabolic shells, antenna rotator wheels, carcass precision pipes, power pipes – all that can be used for space aircraft solutions.

In 2013 OREP Tekhnologiya manufactured over 70 thermal control panels and solar cell carriers for 11 satellites. 27 Earth-orbiting satellites currently carry products by OREP Tekhnologiya.

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