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Fourth Rating of Efficacy of Governors Made Public. Governor of Kaluga Region Maintains Leadership

Civil Society Development Foundation, headed by Constantin Kostin supported by a team of experts prepared fourth integral rating of efficacy of governors. Anatoly Artamonov, Governor of Kaluga Region, ranks number two in the list of the most efficient regional managers.

Data was gathered from many sources including data of “Georating” study of the Public Opinion Foundation, data from the Federal State Statistics Service, media efficiency index issued by the National Monitoring Service, surveys on the social wellbeing in the Russian regions and also evaluations from experts. 

Among 30 governors, who will take part in elections on September 14, rating of seven governors demonstrated negative trend. Experts of Civil Society Development Foundation think that this trend is due to decreasing factor “COL” (competitiveness, openness, legitimacy) for regions, where elections will be held.  

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