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«Open Innovations 2015». The work of the forum has started

At 28th of October the forum “Open Innovations” and the show of technologies have started their work. The subject of the forum is “A man at the interface of trends of technological revolution”. Five themed days show 5 spheres of person’s life which are changing under the technologies’ influence: productive capacity, life environment, education, health and show business.  Kaluga Region represents infrastructure for innovation activity development, high-technology clusters – pharmacy, biotechnology and medicine, informative and communicative technologies, the cluster of aerospace technologies of polymeric composite materials and constructions.  

The Governor of Kaluga Region – Anatolii Artamonov took part in the congress part of the forum “Open Innovations”.  During the session “Priorities of innovative policy during depression time” the priorities of technologic development of the region and innovative production demands support were discussed. In particular, the issue was the effectiveness of cluster system in modern conditions. 

The head of the region – Anatolii Artamonov said, that cluster policy remains currently important at the present situation. “We are looking for new ways of Russia development, which includes  innovative sector. Kaluga region leads the way of cluster development oriented on innovative activity and perfection of human capital. The clusters give an opportunity to concentrate at R&D (Research and development) and innovation promotion in production. 

Cluster approach occupies the key position in the economic strategy of Kaluga Region. Russian and foreign companies of international fame work here successfully in cluster way.   More than 10 industrial clusters, which include automobile, pharmaceutical, transport and logistics, agro industrial clusters as well as the cluster of construction materials and metal-working manufacturing.  From 2006 till the first half of 2015 21, 058 bln dollar USA  were brought to the region’s economy. 

At the exhibition “Open innovations 2015”

Kaluga company “OFK-Cardio” demonstrates the test “Card-Info”, which gives an opportunity to determine myocardial infraction  on basis of protein, binding fatty acids. It gives an opportunity to render qualify assistance, which allows to decrease the effects of this disease.
Research and manufacturing association “Telemetria” will represent the system of automobile alarm and two types of  lanterns. NPO “Telemetria” occupies the leading positions in the fields of development and production of electronic service - anti-theft automobile devices (automobile alarm  Pandora and immobilizers Pandect). From 2012 the enterprise also produces powerful street programmed telemetric lamps  Pandora LED. They differs from the analogues with its high light effectiveness, its quality of construct development and its high automatization degree. 

Obninsk Research and Development enterprise “Technologia” demonstrate its inventions, which make protection function and improve technological and tactical characteristics of the objects.   Among the inventions there are feedwells of nose and local fairings of carrier-rockets, multilayer honeycomb sound-absorbent constructions, fiberglass plastic honeycombs.  

Information about the test-kit “Card-info”:
It is the only one in Russia Единственный в России immunochromatographic test, the effect of which is based on discovery the earliest Cardiac marker of heart protein binding fatty acids in  capillary blood, that makes possible its usage outdoors  medical laboratory.  
“Card-info” is included in the List of innovative products, technologies and services, which are recommended to be used in the Russian Federation (№146).

The winner of the national contest “The development award-2014” (Vnesheconombank of Russia) in the nomination “The best project of small and medium business activity”, the gold medal in the nomination “Medicine of the future” (the 4th international forum «Expopriority-2012»),
The certificate of the republic contest «50 best innovative ideas for Tatarstan Republic, 2011» in the nomination «The projectsof the Association of the innovative regions of Russia”.