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First Container Train (Riga - Vorotynsk) Arrived to Rosva Industrial Rark, Kaluga

The arrival of the first container train carrying 40' containers with FUYAO Glass Rus equipment to Rosva industrial park container terminal marks the completion of another successful project promoting the economic development of Kaluga Region.

The event is of great importance as it signifies the completion of another important stage of Kaluga Region transport and logistics cluster development. The new cluster plays a vital role in production processes of industrial companies operating in the region as it allows to deliver raw materials, parts and components to their production facilities.

Speaking of the great importance of the event and the complexity of works performed Nikolay Kruchinin, TASKOM OOO Director General, mentioned that two companies will be able to receive their consignments, namely FUYAO Glass Rus OOO and PSMA Rus OOO. He said: "In the future new residents of Rosva industrial park will also benefit from this new route".

Nikolay Kruchinin also mentioned that Rosva industrial park production facilities are located in close proximity to the terminal and the customs clearance procedures are organized at Kaluga Customs Post located at a 800-m distance from the terminal. 

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