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Meschovsk Pig Farm to Produce Pork Enough for the Entire Kaluga Region

A meeting to discuss the implementation of a project providing for construction of a pork production and processing facility was held in Meschovsk on December 21, 2015.  The meeting was attended by top managers of Volzhskaya Myasnaya Kompaniya OOO, representatives of Kaluga Region Ministry of Agriculture, construction and design companies.

An investment agreement between Volzhskaya Myasnaya Kompaniya OOO and Kaluga Region Government, represented by Anatoly Artamonov, Governor, was signed on August 24, 2015. Currently the facility is being designed and relevant documents are being prepared.  

The project provides for construction of a pig farm with the total capacity of 70,000 t per annum  (live weight), a selection and genetics center and a plant to produce formulated feed. The total area of the new facility is to be 300 ha.

At the first stage the selection and genetics center for young stock (45,440 pigs) and three facilities with the total capacity of  42,000 t per annum (live weight) are to be built. The amount of investments in the project – RUR 8.6 billion.  The earthwork is to begin in Q1 2016.

Alexander Rozanov, Executive Director, Volzhskaya Myasnaya Kompaniya OOO, said: “The selection and genetics center is to make the entire facility operation more profitable. In case of proper selection cross-breed pigs demonstrate better fertility, better health, and grow faster. Apart from that, the pork has better quality and the feed is used more efficiently”.  

Denis Cherkesov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Kaluga Region, said: “Pork consumption in Kaluga Region reaches 25,000 t per annum, while the forecast pork production in 2015 is 5,000 t. Taking into consideration the existing gap between the demand and supply, the project has excellent prospects. It will not only produce enough pork to satisfy the local demand, but will be able to supply its products to Moscow and neighboring regions.