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St. Petersburg Policy Foundation April 2014 Rating: Kaluga Region Still in the Lead

The St. Petersburg Policy Foundation put Kaluga Region in the list of regions with the highest stability. In the recent month, the region improved its result by 0.2 points, earning a total of 8.5 rating points.

The monthly rating evaluates the level of socio-political stability in all Russian subjects. The stability level is assessed by the foundation’s experts using a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is the maximum value, and 1 – the minimum.

Among positive developments in Kaluga Region, experts noted the signing of an agreement on manufacturing of petrol tanks for commercial vehicles on the KADVI plant with Italian company Cellino; governor Anatoly Artamonov’s presentation of the region’s investment potential to Turkish entrepreneurs; discussion of potential cooperation in the agricultural sphere with the delegation from Belarus; the launch of a new asphalt and concrete plant in Kaluga; the region’s victory in the tender for participation in the federal universal ecological monitoring project; allocation of new trading spots for Belarussian entrepreneurs at the Kaluga Central Market; designation of Kaluga Region as a pilot region for the National Rating of Investment Attractiveness launched in April; the region’s 9th place in the Medialogia rating for implementing the president’s “May decrees” in the economic sphere; Obninsk’s 9th place in the Trade Secret magazine 100 Best Cities in Russia rating for 2014; Anatoly Artamonov’s shared 2-4th place in the governor efficiency rating of the Civil Society Development Foundation.

More details: http://www.fpp.spb.ru/fpp-rating-2014-04

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