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Russian Automotive Forum 2014: A Meeting Place for Leading Manufacturers

The 17th Russian Automotive Forum (RAF), which took place in Moscow on March 18-20, is the main event of the Russian automotive industry. The forum was attended by more than 500 delegates, representing car manufacturers, 1-3 level suppliers, service providers and suppliers of equipment from 25 countries. 

Kaluga Region’s Minister of Economic Development Igor Timoshin participated in the focus session on “Regional Automotive Clusters”. Speaking about levels of localization, he noted that localization of the Polo Sedan model is 40%. He also said that production of the new Skoda Rapid was launched in February, and that the level of localization for some models manufactured at the PCMA Rus plant is 35%.

One of the relevant issues for the Russian automotive industry is the establishment of cooperative and joint ventures. These forms of interaction between local manufacturers and global automotive leaders expand the opportunities for efficient cooperation.

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