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Russian-French Friendship under Kozelsk Sky

On July 20, 2013 an air show was held in Kozelsk District to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Normandie Niemen, the 18th Guards Fighter Regiment awarded with two Orders of Red Banner, the Order of Suvorov (2nd Grade) and  the Order of Légion d'Honneur.

Governor Anatoly Artamonov opened the official ceremony. The event was also attended by Guards Colonel Anatoly Fetisov, Honored Military Pilot of Russia, the Chairman of Normandie Niemen Veteran Association,  and Guy Nouittens, Military Attaché of the French Embassy to Russia.  

Normandie Niemen, a legendary fighter regiment, was the first regiment of the Soviet Army to receive the honored title “Guards Regiment”. During the Second World War it fought near Kozelsk.  The regiment pilots flown over 12,500 sorties and destroyed 427 German aircraft. The regiment personnel received 705 government awards. Seven pilots received the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union.    


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