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RT-Khimkompozit Creates Aerospace Technology Cluster in Kaluga

RT-Khimkompozit holding has launched the process to create a cluster to manufacture parts and structures of polymer composites for aerospace industry in Kaluga Region.     For the first time the idea to establish the center of excellence was announced in October 2013 at a conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Buran shuttle flight.  

The core element of the new cluster will be Tekhnologia, Obninsk, a member of RT-Khimkompozit.  High R&D potential and well-developed infrastructure of the company make it the ideal candidate to host the hi-tech center of excellence.

RT-Khimkompozit top managers believe that the fact that Tekhnologia was selected as the anchor company of the cluster is a sufficient proof of the highest hi-tech competences of the holding company. .

At the kick-off meeting the initiative group has taken a decision that the new establishment legal form would be a non-for-profit partnership. The group is currently preparing required documents.

The word “aerospace” in the cluster’s name indicates not to the specialization of its enterprises and their finished products, but to their compliance to the highest requirements of the aerospace industry. Also, mass introduction and expansion of the spectrum of applications for high tech PCMs has been identified by the government as a priority direction of economic development.

Russian State Research Center JSC ORPE Tekhnologia is part of the RT-Khimkomposit holding specializing in applied scientific research and development of innovations, including new materials, unique structures, technologies and serial manufacturing of science intensive products from polymer composites, ceramic and vitreous materials for the space industry, aviation, ground and marine transport, energetics and other industry segments.

JSC RT-Khimkomposit is the holding company of Rostekh, which includes enterprises and scientific centers specializing in development of innovations, including new materials, unique structures, technologies and serial manufacturing of science intensive products for the space industry, aviation, military (hardware and weaponry), ground and marine transport, energetics, chemical production and other industry segments

State Corporation Rostekhnologii  (Rortekh) is a Russian corporation established in 2007 in order to support the development, manufacturing and export of high tech civil and military purpose industrial products. In includes 663 organizations, which currently form 8 holdings in the defense industry complex and 5 – in civil industry segments. Rostekh’s organizations are located in 60 Russian constituent subjects and supply products to over 70 countries. Rostekh’s proceeds in 2012 were RUR 931 billion, and its net profit was RUR 38.5 billion. The corporation’s tax deductions to budgets of all levels exceeded RUR 109 billion.

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