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RT-Khimkompozit to Develop Method to Commercialize Non-Core Developments

RT-Khimkompozit holding in cooperation with Obninsk Center for Science and Technologies and the Agency for Innovative Development – Center for Clyster Development of Kaluga Region develops a method to commercialize non-core developments. 

The works are carried out at Technologia production facility in Obninsk, a member of  RT-Khimkompozit holding. Experts have reviewed four options to promote R&D  non-core products: licensing, establishment of joint ventures, non-exclusive licensing agreements and establishment of small businesses in the form of a public company.

Sergey Sokol, RT-Khimkompozit Director General, said: “A major share of innovative products has very limited number of potential customers. That is why it is not profitable to manufacture such products at major plants. Thus non-core developments commercialization will not only donate to competences expansion but will also promote the development of industry in general”.

Currently major companies do not have an efficient mechanism to promote their products and developments created in the course of their R&D programs but not belonging to the category of core products.   Globally commercialization of such developments  brings additional income, creates new jobs, promotes innovative industrial practices, ensures supply of science-intensive products to domestic markets and facilitates the process of foreign products’ replacement ‘ with domestically produced ones.

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