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Silk Road to Cross Kaluga Region

On December 3, 2015 Alexey Laptev, First Deputy Governor of Kaluga Region, held negotiations with representatives of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Russian Railways OAO and Samsung Electronics management. The attendees discussed issues related to efficient implementation of transport and logistic projects in Kaluga Region and the important role they play in the region and the country as a whole.  For instance, they spoke of Silk Road project development in Kaluga Region.  

Both the beneficial position of Kaluga Region from the logistical point of view and the fact that its multimodal transport and logistics infrastructure is being actively developed make the region a potential base for Silk Road project development in the territory of the Russian Federation.  

In the course of negotiations a decision was taken to  form a work group to develop specific measures in order to organize cargo transit from Nord-East China and South Korea via the port of Dalyan and Chinese Eastern Railway and Trans-Siberian Railway. The new way will be used both for transportation of finished products and components/materials for production facilities operating in Russia and the EU.   Thus, Vorsino Freight Village multimodal transport and logistics center  is to become an important element to support Silk Road project development.

The new transportation route provides the following advantages: Russian companies will be able to export more products to Asia, a new major distribution center will be established, the existing production facilities may be expanded, and new ones will be established (increase in the amount of investments in Kaluga Region), new companies from Asian countries will come to the Russian and European markets.       

For instance, Samsung Electronics plant located in Vorsino industrial park, Kaluga Region, manufactures TV sets and home appliances supplied both to Russian customers and abroad (Ukraine, Belarus, Middle Asia and Trans-Caucasian countries, Kazakhstan and Mongolia). Components from China and South Korea are widely used at the plant. Currently components from Asia are delivered by sea transport, which takes more than 50 days.  The delivery period will be shortened by more than two times when the project is implemented.


About Freight Village Ru:

Freight Village Vorsino is a multimodal logistics center offering integrated transport, forwarding and logistics services. It is located at a 600-ha land plot in Vorsino industrial park, near M3 Moscow – Kiev federal highway at a 67-km distance from Moscow ring road and a 20-km distance from the border of New Moscow.  A single multimodal terminal processes cargos delivered by road, by air (via Ermolino airport) and by railway The current transshipment capacity of the railway terminal is  300 TEU per annum (design capacity -  500,000 TEU per annum). The Freight Village infrastructure includes office premises (В+ class) for personnel of the federal Customs service of the Russian Federation and customs brokers. Apart from that the following facilities are located in the territory of Vorsino Freight Village: a customs post of Kaluga Customs Office,   temporary storage facility, an outdoor area for cargo inspection, a container terminal, and a terminal for heavy trucks. 

Rosva Freight Village transport and logistics center has been established to optimize logistics operations of residents of Grabtsevo, Rosva and Kaluga-Yug industrial parks located in Kaluga Region, and to provide relevant services to other companies engaged in foreign trade.