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Continental Kaluga Plant Has Manufactured 3 Million Tyres

Continental Kaluga Plant celebrates the production of its 6,000,000th tyre.  It was produced in two years since the plant commissioning.

Kaluga plant constantly increases its output despite the tough economic situation.  In 2015 it managed to increase its output by two times as compared to 2014 and produced over  2 million tyres. According to Continental early forecast, the plant’s output will continue growing in 2016.  The plant supplies over 200 tyre models to the Russian market and exports them to 15 countries of Europe, including Scandinavia, FSU and Asian countries.

Georgy Rotov, Director General, Continental Kaluga OOO, said: “ It was high professionalism, commitment and experience of our team that helped us attain such a result. Currently over 950 people work here. We managed to increase the plant output and expand the product range by two times in line with the customers’ requirements. We plan to continue developing the plant’s portfolio and to add 100 more tyre models to the range of manufactured products”.   

The expansion of distribution channels in 2015 has been a major step in the plant’s development. Tyres produced in Kaluga are being supplied to such OEMs as  Ford, AutoVAZ and Nissan. The plant also closely cooperates with foreign partners and exports its products to 15 countries, including Belarus, Ukraine, Scandinavian countries, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, UK, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Turkey. The plant plans to further expand its distribution channels and to export tyres to more countries.