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New Technology Quality Standards from Obninsk

Top managers of Forest Line, a renown French manufacturer of  prepreg-tape laying equipment visited Tekhnologia ONPP.

Forest Line experts believe that the production facility manufacturing products of polymer composites meets the most stringent international standards’ requirements. They also highly praised the professionalism of the company’s personnel.  F.Tavernier, Forest Line CEO, noted that the professional level of Tekhnologia employees equals the professionalism of Daher Socata and Bombardier aviation industry companies.

O.Komissar, Tekhnologia ONPP Director General, said: “Equipment manufactured by many major aviation industry companies, including such giants as Airbus and Boeing. Soon similar equipment will be installed at our plant. This will automatically make us the leaders in the field of manufacturing of products for the Russian aviation industry. I think we will be able to cooperate with foreign aircraft manufacturers in the future”. ​

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