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Tourist attractions can be exempted from the property and land taxes

On the 1st of September in Kaluga a meeting of the Coordination Board on the children’s tourism under the Governor of the Region under the chairmanship of the Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation, Alla Manilova took place.  In the focus of attention stood the implementation of the children’s tourist national programme, the agritourism development, the possibility to include the CFD’s cities and towns into the project “the Golden Ring of Russia”, the participation of the Region in the interregional project “Russian estates” and others.

The necessity to support the developing sectors both in the federal and in the regional levels, was noted. “Currently we are taking the decision to exempt completely all the tourist attractions of the Region from the property and land taxes. This must become a substantial motive for the development of business in the territory of the Region”, - Anatoly Artamonov underlined.

Anatoly Artamonov announced the idea to include the CFD’s cities and towns into the project “the Golden Ring of Russia”. “This will become an important stage of the establishment of the incoming tourism,” – he noted.

Having positively estimated the Kaluga Region’s experience in the development of the sector, Alla Manilova emphasized that it was necessary to use the potential of new regional objects and of the international airport “Kaluga” in particular, because the airport must facilitate the increase of the tourist flow.

Source Press Department of the Government of Kaluga Region