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Unique Cultural Project in Kaluga

On March 15, 2013 Vladislav Surkov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, and Vladimir Medinsky, the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, visited Kaluga Region.

They attended the meeting of the heads of Kaluga Region state authorities who discussed the principles, specific features and objectives of the operations of the multifunctional center providing state and municipal services, Apart from that, Vladislav Surkov and Vladimir Medinsky visited an exhibition dedicated to a unique project, the House of New Culture, held in the K.Tsiolkovsky Space Exploration Museum.

The key objectives of the House of New Culture are to promote knowledge and advanced technologies in the field of culture and living environment as well as to form favorable environment for the youth creative activities and self-fulfillment. Such centers are to be built by 2015 in three cities, including Kaluga. 

Vladislav Surkov noted that in the House of New Culture people will be able to get access to new knowledge, learn how to work with new materials using innovative technologies, engage in new arts activities, comprehend science through art and vice versa.

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