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In Vorsino industrial park there will be a rubber and plastic goods production plant

On the 26th of August in Kaluga the agreement between the Government of Kaluga Region and «D.А.Rus», LLC about the cooperation in the sphere of investment project realization – the construction of a rubber and plastic goods plant on the territory of Kaluga Region in Vorsino industrial park – took place. The temporarily assuming the responsibilities of the Governor of Kaluga Region Anatoly Artamonov and the director of «D.А.Rus», LLC Lee Dong Zhu subscribed their names to a proper document.

The project investment will be about 500 mln rubles. The number of jobs wiil be 200 (with the increase up to 400). The plant construction is expected to be finished in the middle of 2016.

«D.А.Rus», LLC is a South Korean company, producing plastic accessories by casting method under pressure and rubber technical goods. The components are used for household appliances assembly (TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines) on the Samsung Electronics Rus Kaluga plant (in Vorsino industrial park, Kaluga Region) and on the LG Electronics Rus (Moscow Region).

The company rents production facilities in Dorokhovo village, Moscow region and in  Maloyaroslavets town, Kaluga Region. «D.А.Rus», LLC is going to increase production facilities, having constructed its own plant in Vorsino industrial park, Kaluga Region.

Speaking about the perspectives of enterprise development, Lee Dong Zhu marked, that the company is going to work with automotive enterprises of the region, in particular, now they are negotiating with «PCMA Rus».