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European Quarters to Be Built in Kaluga

On April 16, 2013 Governor Artamonov held a regular meeting of Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Russian Citizens Priority National Project Regional Council.

The Council reviewed housing construction projects to be implemented in Kaluga Region. One of the projects provides for construction of European Quarters district in the area between Rozhdestveno and Sikiotovo on the right bank of the Oka in Kaluga. The construction began this year within the framework of a project for integrated development of Kaluga-Yug industrial park. At the first stage five three-storey buildings with the total area exceeding 9,873 sq.m. All in all 25 residential houses (1,140 apartments) and social infrastructure facilities are to be built in the area of 18 ha by 2016.

The Council members discussed the preparatory stage for construction of residential quarters in the vicinity of Gagarina St. and Borovskoe Shosse in Balabanovo. A Belorussian investor is to build three buildings with small-sized one- and two-room flats in the area of 3.34 ha. In the adjacent territory parks and playgrounds are to be arranged in addition to other social infrastructure facilities.

In the course of the discussion Anatoly Artamonov stressed the importance of an integrated approach to urban development projects, as well as the need for provision support to active investors. 

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