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Kaluga Region Industry Results in 2014

The coordination council for industry and technology development under the Governor of Kaluga Region summed up the results of industrial sector development in 2014. Apart from that the key development areas for the next three years have been identified.  

When opening the meeting Anatoly Artamonov, Kaluga Region Governor,  noted that Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Council had set all key priorities for the future development.

Anatoly Artamonov said: “They include active attraction of investments, focus on local producers, reasonable import substitution, development of new technologies and manufacturing of competitive products, development of transport infrastructure, industrial parks and personnel training. We have been working in these areas for many years. And we will continue our work irrespective of increasing problems”.   

Anatoly Artamonov  mentioned that investments in the amount of RUR50 billion have been attracted to Kaluga region in the first 9 months of 2014 – the third top result in the Central Federal District. Fourteen new production facilities were commissioned in the region in 2014.  

Vladimir Stroganov, the head of industry and transport department, summed up the results for 2014. The economic situation has been developing positively in the first 10 months of 2014. The industrial production index equaled 103.8% YOY.  The physical index of industrial production for Russia in general equaled 101.7%. Kaluga Region industrial output equaled RUR  420 billion. Large and medium-sized businesses accounted for 93.1% of the total production output.

The industrial production is to grow in 2015-2017 in Kaluga Region with the annual average of  105%. Industry sectors where major investment projects have been implemented are to ensure future growth.



Automotive Cluster

Two production facilities owned by Continental of Germany were commissioned in the first half of 2014:  Contitech, manufacturing air conditioning system pipes and car hydraulic power steering system components, and Continental Automotive Systems Rus, manufacturing engine control units. They compliment the tire plant commissioned in 2013.

Mercator plant manufacturing road machinery rigging has been commissioned.

The logistics facility of Mahle, an auto component manufacturer, has been commissioned.

A new Volvo truck cab plant has been commissioned.

Volkswagen Group Rus sticks to its investment program: a new car body shop was opened at Kaluga plant in 2014, an engine plant is being built in Kaluga and a component storage facility – in Moscow Region (the new facilities are to be commissioned in 2015).

Pharmaceutical Cluster

Berlin-Chemie finished dosage form plant was commissioned in 2014.  

AstraZeneca Industries and Sferapharm production facilities are to be commissioned in 2015.

Construction Industry

The commissioning of a major concrete plant owned by Lafarge of France  has been a major event for Kaluga Region construction industry. Wolf System, Freelight porcelain stoneware plant, as well as Omia and Stroitelnyi Mir plants have been commissioned.  

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