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Innovative health care center will appear in Kaluga Region

This institute will be fitted with high-technology equipment, it will give an opportunity to provide radiosurgical treatment  at the highest level.

On the 18th of August  in Obninsk city the temporarily assuming the responsibilities of the Governor of Kaluga Region – Anatolii Artamonov took part in the signing of agreement about the cooperation between the regional Government and federal state-financed institution “National medical radiological research centre” of Ministry of Health and Care Services of the Russian Federation and international company “Gamma ventures group inc.”

The subject of agreement is cooperation for the purposes of creation of cross-disciplinary innovative medicine centre “Gamma Knife” on the basis of Medical radiological research centre – the branch of “National medical radiological research centre”. In its structure there will be clinical research unit, and science team for the development of new therapeutic intervention of precision radiotherapy. It will give the opportunity to provide uniform approach to high-technology medical treatment over the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

The general director of “National medical radiological research centre” – Andrei Kaprin explained, that “Gamma Knife” is radiological unit, which allows to pass into tumours, without destruction of healthy tissues. He noticed that one of five units which exist in Russia will function in Obninsk, with a price of 7 mln euro.  Andrei Kaprin mentioned the great input of Anatolii Artamonov in creation of the centre and he also mentioned his agreement with Ministry of healthcare of the Russian Federation about free medical treatment not only for the citizens of Kaluga Region, but also for all the people in Central Federal District.

For information:

The main spheres of interest of Gamma Ventures Group Inc company with the administrative office in the Principality of Liechtenstein are investments in development and approbation of high-technology medical diagnostic and therapy technologies, essentially in the sphere of oncology and also promotion of these technologies in a wide clinical practice. 

Source Press Department of the Government of Kaluga Region