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Air Transport and Logistics Cluster to be Established in Kaluga Region

On January 22, 2016 Anatoly Artamonov, Kaluga Region Governor, held a meeting to discuss the creation of Kaluga air transport and logistics cluster. Its core elements will be Kaluga international airport and Ermolino airfield.   

The attendees spoke of the structure and the legal form of the new cluster, its main fields of activities, Ermolino airfield reconstruction and development of infrastructure required for a modern airport. They also discussed the establishment of an airplane maintenance center at Kaluga international airport.  

Speaking of future development of transport and logistics infrastructure in Kaluga Region, Anatoly Artamonov noted that the project had everything necessary to become a success despite the current economic difficulties. He said: “This is a very promising project for the region. It was a difficult time when we built Kaluga airport and we expect that its amalgamation with Ermolino will ensure synergy and further development”. He also spoke of plans for development of a cargo and passenger transportation system in the region, for re-establishment of a flight school to train required technical personnel for the air transportation industry. He said: “I hope this will further raise interest in our efforts”.