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Volkswagen Group Rus in Kaluga Handed Over Mockups of Motor Vehicle Parts to Kaluga Branch of Bauman Moscow State Technical University

On 1 September 2014 the plant of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus in Kaluga has handed over engine and gearbox mockups to the Kaluga branch of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, its long-time partner, to celebrate the anniversary of the educational institution.

VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus has handed over mockups of the 1.8TFSI combustion engine and DSG gearbox to the university’s laboratory. Those mockups will help expand the possibilities of the laboratory and the scope of the university’s research and development efforts in general. 

Also, a new field of study ‘metal mechanic’ has been opened within the framework of the StiP project for Volkswagen’s engine plant in Kaluga. The students will receive intensive support from the Kaluga State Machine Building College and a division of Volkwagen’s engine plant in Kaluga.

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