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Rosva Industrial Park


Industrial Park Description



Terms of accommodation


Industrial Park Description

Project initiator: Government of Kaluga Region represented by the regional Ministry of Economic Development

Project purpose: accommodation of enterprises from various industrial segments

Location: 23 km south-west of Kaluga, 2 km from M3 Ukraine highway

Land category: industrial

Assigned Industrial Park status on March 10, 2009

Total area – 785 hectares

Reserved for utility lines – 250 hectares

Allocated to investors – 340 hectares

Vacant for investors – 195 hectares


The industrial park currently accommodates 11 investment projects.

10 cooperation agreements signed. 10 companies operating:

29.01.2008 – signing of cooperation agreement;

18.08.2009 – beginning of construction works;

23 .04.2010 – commissioning of the plant;

04.07. 2012 – launch of full-cycle production.

CKD model range: Peugeot 408, CitroenC4 sedan, Mitsubishi Outlander, Mitsubishi Pajero.

Biggest share – Mitsubishi Outlander crossover (nearly 45% of total production volume). Production of updated Mitsubishi Outlander launched in March 2015.

Current level of localization – 34 % (Сitroen C4), Реugeot 408 (CKD) – 33%.

SKD model range (discontinued): Peugeot 308, Citroen C4, Peugeot 4007, Citroën C-Crosser, Mitsubishi Outlander. In 2010-2012, 99,178 cars manufactured in SKD mode.

The plant’s production capacity is 125,000 cars per year. In 2012-2015, 101,669 cars manufactured in CKD mode, area – 145 hectares.

One company are at the stage of construction:​

With the arrival of major international industrial manufacturers to the region, the regional government decided to create a transport and logistics cluster by inviting world-renowned logistics operators like Gefco, Green Logistics, Renus Logistics, Transcontainer and others to the region, building multimodal transport and logistics terminals, developing the regional motorway and railway infrastructure.

Rosva Industrial Park is currently accommodating a major project for the construction of Rosva Transport and Logistics Center as part of Freight Village RU (FV Rosva).

FV Rosva is located within Rosva Industrial Park, in the center of concentration of its target consumers – modern production complexes, the biggest of which is Peugeot Citroen Mitsubishi Automobiles Rus LLC. The center includes the following facilities:

Automobile terminal with an area of 5 hectares (operating since June 6, 2011), including:

The territory of the terminal is divided into 2 zones: Kaluga customs post of Kaluga Customs, and excise station of the Central Excise Authority.

Container terminal with an area of 3 hectares (first container train accepted on June 20, 2013):

The container terminal is adjacent to the Railway Cargo Park (6 reserved use railway lines with total length of approximately 8 km), which is adjacent to station Vototynsk MJD with a 4 km railway access line.


Terms of accommodation


Kaluga Region Development Corporation JSC

ADDRESS: 27 Truda Str., Kaluga 248030

Tel./Fax: +7 (4842) 79-04-10