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General information

Kaluga special economic zone area

The area of Kaluga special economic zone equals  1,042.6 ha. The land plots are located at a 0.1 km distance from Lyudinovo (in the vicinity of the village of Voilovo, Lyudinovo District, Kaluga Region) (610.6 ha)  and near the village of Kozelskoye, Borovsk District, Kaluga Region (432 ha).     


Government Investments

According to preliminary expert estimates, the total cost of the project will be around RUR 3,200 million.

The project is to be financed out of Kaluga Region and federal budget funds. Kaluga Region will invest RUR 600 million (19% of the total cost of works), and the federal government will invest RUR 2,600 million (81%).

Number of Residents

At the present moment 6 companies are residents of the OEZ “Kaluga”:

More information about residents


77, Suvorova St., Kaluga 249401 Kaluga region

Тел. +7 (4842) 92-62-40

E-mail: office@oez.kaluga.ru


General Director: Evgeny Veselkov

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