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Development institutions

Each investor, regardless of the size of investment, country of origin or industry sector, is provided full support at all stages of project implementation. The region has established development institutions, each of which is dedicated to solving the investor’s specific issues.

 Agency for Regional Development of Kaluga Region  is engaged in attracting investments to Kaluga Region, developing top priority areas of the region economy, and providing support to investment projects in business areas it supervises.   

The agency interacts with investors on the basis of a single window principle. It is a point of entry for investors coming to Kaluga Region.  

Contact person — Anna I. Trofimova, Deputy Director General, Investor Relations, Agency for Regional Development of Kaluga Region: 

+7 (910) 077-72-20, e-mail: trofimova@arrko.ru

Key Business Areas of the Agency:


Bldg.2, 41, Dzerzhinsky St., Kaluga, Russia, 248001

Tel./fax: +7 (4842) 27-87-86


  Agency for Agroindustrial Complex Development of Kaluga Region.

Agency for Development of Agroindustrial Sector is a government agency supporting agroindustrial projects  implemented in Kaluga Region.

The agency was established by the resolution of Kaluga Region Government on June 18, 2013. It operates under the auspices  of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kaluga Region. Its key objective is to promote comfortable business climate for implementation of agroindustrial projects  in Kaluga Region.

General Director – Stephan V. Perevalov  

Tel..: +7 (980) 712-44-44, e-mail: perevalov@adm.kaluga.ru

Key Business Areas of the Agency:

  • Development of investment proposals and selection of sites meeting investors’ requirements.  
  • Support in projects’ development and implementation, search for sources of financing and fund raising activities.      
  • Assistance in getting government support for agricultural projects.
  • Technology support to projects (agronomy, animal husbandry and veterinary).    
  • Information support to projects and organization of events to shape the image of Kaluga Region agroindustrial sector.  


Floor 4, 5 Vilonova St., Kaluga 248000, Russia 

Tel..: +7 (4842) 22-04-32, 22-04-39

E-mail: apkko@adm.kaluga.ru


 Agency for Innovative Development state operator for development of the innovations and high-tech sector of the economy.

Key Business Areas of the Agency:


14 Marx St., Obninsk, Kaluga Region
Tel./fax: +7(48439) 4-24-90


 Industrial Logistics  state operator for implementation of regional logistics projects

Key Business Areas:

  • development of transport and logistics infrastructure;
  • provision of transport and logistics services in Kaluga Region.


17 Kirova St., Kaluga

Tel. +7(4842)22-49-64
Fax +7(4842)74-02-14

 Kaluga Region Government Office under the Government of the Russian Federation — body authorized to represent the Government of Kaluga Region in contacts with the Russian Government within the scope of its competence.

Key Business Areas:


8 Glazovsky Ln., Moscow
Tel./fax +7 (499) 241-66-36, 241-09-79.