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Industrial infrastructure of the Lyudinovo site

Access roads

The site is located at a 60-km distance from the A-101 Moscow-Maloyaroslavets-Roslavl highway and at a 30-km distance from the M-3 Ukraine federal highway.

Furthermore, the Lyudinovo-Zhizdra-M3 Ukraine through road along the southern border of the site (0.02 km)  connects the Bryansk-Lyudinovo-Kirov road with the A-101 Moscow-Maloyaroslavets-Roslavl and the M-3 Ukraine highways.  

The density of paved public federal and regional roads in Lyudinovo District equals 16 km per  100 km².

Lyudinovo is located on the Vyazma-Fayansovaya-Bryansk single-track railway. There are two railway stations in Lyudinovo: Lyudinovo-1 (Class III)  and Lyudinovo-2  (Class IV).


Lyudinovo-1 serves all industrial facilities. The distance between Lyudinovo-1 and the site border is 5.0 km.

There are no commercial airports within an 80-km radius from Lyudinovo. Bryansk commercial airport is located in Bryansk (at a 100-110-km distance from Lyudinovo).


Kaluga IP SEZ has access to the following utility capacities:


The site is covered by four mobile network operators: Megaphone, MTS, Beeline and Sky-Link.

Resident Information

Sites will be leased out to investors after they obtain the status of residents of the Kaluga industrial production special economic zone.