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The dynamics of nominal and real average salaries in the region’s organizations (including small business entities) in a comparable group of companies are as follows:

Kaluga Region ranks 3rd in the Central Federal District and 28th in Russia by the amount of  average monthly wage (1st place — Москва, 2nd place — Moscow Region). 32, 385 Rubles — average monthly accrued wage in the region (January-June 2017)

1.Minimum Salary

10, 390 Rubles — minimum monthly wage in Kaluga Region (since 01.09.2017).

The minimum salary in Kaluga Region is established as not less than the minimum subsistence rate for the employable population, and in 2016 is equal to RUR 9,223 (the amount is revised quarterly, taking into account the rate of inflation).

2.Maximum Salary

Each employee’s salary depends on his/her qualification, the complexity of performed work, amount and quality of performed work and is not limited by any maximum level (article 132 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).

3. Purchasing Power

An employee’s average monthly salary provides: - in 2016 – 3.3 minimum regional subsistence rates.

Average salaries (without account for social payouts) by type of economic activity were:

Average salary:


Type of economic activity

Average salary (RUR)

 in January-June 2017​ 

Entire region

32, 385​

Information and communication activities

39, 324

Manufacturing industries

39, 226

Activities in the field of health and social services

27, 502


25, 576

Agriculture, hunting, fish farming, fishing

25, 561


25, 539

Wholesale and retail trade, repair

25, 116

Activities in the field of culture, sports, leisure and entertainment

24, 670

Water supply, water disposal, organization of waste collection and disposal

23, 062