Innovative Culture Center

Kaluga innovative culture center is a unique project of its kind. Its concept is based on original developments actively promoted in the cultural environment of Kaluga, having their supporters, participants and target audiences.

A project providing for creation of a network of innovative culture centers was initiated back in 2012. Such centers were to be established pursuant to a decree of the President of the Russian Federation and an instruction of the Government of the Russian Federation. Relevant pilot projects are being implemented in Pervouralsk, at Russian Island (Vladivostok) and in Kaluga.

Pursuant to Innovative Culture Centers’ Development Concept approved by the Collegium of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, innovative culture centers are to promote culture and education, shape the environment for leisure and self-organization of local residents applying modern telecom and innovative technologies.

Today Kaluga Innovative Culture Center attracts interested residents, successfully promotes both traditional and innovative trends. Its key areas of activity include arts studious, music, dancing, theater, early development, science and intellectual leisure activities.  

Familiarization of Russian audience with modern arts is another important area of activity of the innovative culture center. The center regularly hosts exhibitions, video arts festivals, alternative music concerts, performances, movie screenings, lectures and master classes.

The innovative culture center is a  creative laboratory, a base for consolidation of Kaluga region’s creative youth.

Address: 17 Oktyabskaya St., Kaluga

Tel.: +7(961)122-32-58 (9.00 – 18.00)

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