ETHNOMIR Culture and Education Tourism Center

ETHNOMIR is a unique project featuring a small model of the diverse Earth population in a territory of about 90 ha. When completed the park will include 52 compounds - each dedicated to the culture of a specific nationality. The compounds will feature a group of buildings built in the traditional ethnical style: a hotel, craft shop, museum, restaurant with traditional cuisine, souvenir shop, and other facilities typical of this or that ethnicity. Each community has its own tradition keeper, who can tell about the precious culture of his or her nation conveyed through traditions, festivals, crafts, folklore, mythology, architecture, history, national cuisine, and traditional medicine. The key principle behind the ETHNOMIR concept is equality of all cultures regardless of economic development level or international status of a given country. The project will be fully completed by 2019.

Any guest visiting ETHNOMIR can stay at an ethnic style hotel (a felt yurt, a rawhide tent or an Indian tipi and  enjoy the atmosphere and culture of each presented country.

Address:  Petrovo, Borovsk District, Kaluga Region (90 km from Moscow (Kiev or Minsk highway)) 
Tel.:  +7(495)627-51-90

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