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Main Reasons to Invest in Kaluga Region

Unique position in the very center of the largest consumer market of Russia

Kaluga Region is located in the heart of Russia, in the center of the largest Russian consumer market, on the crossing of transportation routes connecting Russia with all countries of the world. Kaluga Region borders Moscow, Tula, Bryansk, Smolensk and Orel regions. Close proximity to Moscow, the largest consumer market and transportation hub in Russia  is one of the region’s competitive advantages.   


High Quality Transport and Logistics Infrastructure 

Five federal highways cross Kaluga Region’s territory. The total length of railways is almost 900 km. A number of unique projects is being implemented within the framework of the region’s transport and logistics cluster.  Two multimodal transport and logistics centers have been put into operation:  Freight Village Rosva and Freight Village Vorsino. Kaluga Region cooperates with the leading logistics operators. In 2015 Kaluga International Airport has been commissioned. Ermolino airport is being modernized. Kaluga Region having vast transit potential gradually becomes the key logistics center of the entire Central Federal District.


Wide Selection of Sights to Build Production Facilities 

The main product Kaluga Region offers to potential investors is the sites for construction of production facilities in ten industrial parks and one of two sites of Lyudinovo Special Economic Zone. Each site is land plot prepared for construction with all relevant utilities, engineering and transport infrastructure. Investors can either lease or buy the site. Currently 89 companies from around the world implement projects in the industrial parks and the special economic zone. Kaluga Region is ready to offer different sites meeting individual requirements of each investor.


Opportunities for Cooperation with Kaluga Region Domestic Companies  

Hi-tech industries form the foundation of the Kaluga Region economy. Local companies produce turbine generators, gas turbine engines, railway equipment, radio electronics and optics products, etc. Kaluga Region develops new economy in an integrated manner applying a cluster model. The integration of domestic companies and investors is well under way. There are many companies  in Kaluga Region ready to cooperate with foreign businesses.  There is a number of examples of such a successful cooperation. Local products including those manufactured by small businesses meet the requirements of the most stringent global standards.


Kaluga Region Government Progressive Team 

Individual approach to each project is the main rule Kaluga Region Government applies when working with investors. The region government does its best to avoid situations when a businessman who invested at least one dollar, yen, yuan or euro in Kaluga Region economy regrets about his decision. Development institutions have been established to support investment projects implemented in Kaluga Region, including the Agency for Regional Development of Kaluga Region offering free consulting services to investors, and the Kaluga Region Development Corporation offering development services. .  


Region Where It Is Nice to Live 

Kaluga Region strives to create favorable conditions so that people come to the region not only to work but also to live. The region has numerous historical, cultural and natural sights. Modern residential premises, roads, hotels, malls, as well as sports and entertainment facilities are being built here. Apart from that, the region is to actively develop commercial real estate, hospitality industry infrastructure (hotels and restaurants), power and resource saving projects, tourism, education and logistics. Kaluga Region Government invites potential investors willing to work in the afore-mentioned areas.


Labor Resources High Quality and Availability 

Education is the largest budget items in Kaluga Region. Kaluga Region Government invested RUR 1 billion just to establish the automotive industry training center.  Similar training centers have been established for the pharmaceutical industry, construction industry, agriculture and engineering industry. Kaluga Region invites migrants from Russia and abroad to saturate the local labor force market. Over 20 million people reside within a 180-km radius from Kaluga. This offers additional opportunities to attract labor force.  Kaluga Region Government has already concluded agreements on cooperation with 33 regions of Russia.  


Tax and Customs Benefits 

Kaluga Region legislation guarantees the safety of investments. All administrative barriers have been eliminated and all procedures associated with business registration, and receipt of permits, licenses and approvals have been simplified.  Various tax breaks and customs benefits are provided to all investors irrespective of the amount of investments and their industry. This includes income and property tax breaks. The more business invests in the region the more benefits it gets. The largest benefits are provided to the special economic zone residents.