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PharmEvolution 2016. Creating conditions for pharmaceutical innovations in Russia: challenges and prospects

On March 29, 2016 Obninsk, Kaluga Region, is to host PharmEvolution international forum. The event will be attended by the key players of the Russian pharmaceutical market, heads of government agencies, representatives of regional authorities, top managers of pharmaceutical companies, R&D and business incubators, distributors, insurance companies, drugstore chains, leading analysts, investors and industry experts.

The discussions will be focused on business strategies for international and domestic markets, packaging, regulatory requirements, counterfeit combating, new threats and opportunities, supply of medicines, compliance with EAEU requirements, localization of production processes.  

2014 saw a number of vital events for the pharmaceutical industry development, including government decisions on import substitution, introduction of amendments to the federal law On Distribution of Medicines, to regulations on combating circulation of counterfeit, falsified, unregistered medicines and nutritional supplements, and approval of a new list of life saving medications.    

In 2015 started reorganizing their business pursuant to new requirements and taking into decision the entirely different situation in the market.  PharmEvolution attendees will discuss the impact of such changes and how the industry will be developing in 2016.  

Accreditation for mass media: http://info.vedomosti.ru/events/accreditation/pharma16

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